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Antique French Mantel Clock 1800s
This is a lovely 'parlor clock' made in France and so-called because
its soft ticking and chiming are intended to avoid interrupting the
parlor conversations. 
Black slate casing, 
Green/black marble trim, 
Golden engravings, 
Porcelain face with roman numerals, 
Brass rimmed beveled-glass window, 
Brass mechanism door and pendulum, and 
heavy concrete base!
Clock mechanism is marked only with the number 400 stamped into the clockworks. (As I understand it, french clocks were rarely given a maker's mark.)  
Disclosures: No cracks, only 3 flea bites in the marble along the bottom edge, mark on top of casing (which I have not tried to clean).  
There is no key. But at the time I purchased it the owner was able to use a different tool to start the clock so that I could be assured that it keeps time.
This piece is with me at our Grambois, France workshop and it will
ship worldwide using La Poste Colissimo, including tracking and insurance.
13" tall x 11" wide x 5.5" deep
12 kilos + packaging for shipment weight = approx 28 pounds.
Flat rate for shipping by France La Poste (tracking and insurance
to USA & Worldwide = $184.00 
to UK =   54.06 GBP        (will show as $67.25USD)   
to France =  22.90 Euros (will show as $25.54USD)

French Parlor Mantel Clock

    Living on Provence Time...

    It floats
    On the heat of summer,
    Through the stillness of winter,
    Rolling across the hills and valleys of spring,
    And scattering along the winds of autumn.

                                                        jrc millett, 2012

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