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Why Provence?                   How we do business..

My heart has found a home in Provence...


the air, the colors, the food, the pace, the people and the wonderful ways in which they live their lives.


Olives have grown in this region since the first Roman Roads were built.


The vintage brocante items that I sell, come from the homes and lives of the people of Provence.


Janis Millett, Owner

Olive Branch Traders

Olive Branch Traders was 'born' in 2005 when I realized that my friends enjoyed the rhythms of Provence as much as I do. 


OLIVES: We grow and harvest our own olives on our own land; no extra water; only organic food.


ITEMS: We most enjoy finding things that belong in your garden or inside your home. They can be used in their original condition, they can be repurposed, or they can simply be enjoyed.


All our items are found in the villages and towns of southern France and offered for sale in two easy online locations: eBay and our own website:


PAYMENT: We use the simplicity and security of PayPal for our transactions.


SHIPPING: We ship with the French La Poste and the US Post Office. They have served us well for 10 years now! Everything is shipped with tracking and insurance.


Living on Provence Time...

It floats
On the heat of summer,
Through the stillness of winter,
Rolling across the hills and valleys of spring,
And scattering along the winds of autumn.

                                                    jrc millett, 2012

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